After a hiatus for the holidays, the Snow Trivia Contest is BACK! EACH DAY we’ll be posting a trivia question on our blog. The trivia questions will be posted on ABestWeb, AffSpot, Twitter & Facebook. To enter the contest click on the link after the question and enter your answer in the comments section of the blog post (only one answer per day please). Everyone who answers the question correctly will be entered into a drawing to win one of our coveted prizes.


From Thursday February 3rd through Friday February 18th, we will ask a trivia question every day by 10 AM PST. Each day’s trivia question will remain open for answering until 12am PST.


On February 18th we will pick 3 names randomly from the successful daily winners.  Then in the order they were chosen, they will get to pick from one of the prizes listed below:


Good luck and please tell your friends about it!