4th Annual Snow Hockey Pool

Roger was in 1st Place – Yesterday!

Alas, the triumph didn’t hold! Roger, his wife and son have been holding the top 3 spots for weeks and Kareth has held on to 1st place for most of that time. Yesterday, when I glanced at the standings, Roger was in 1st Place!

I had to find a whole new slant for the color today because when I checked again – Roger had slipped back into 2nd. The rest of the Top 10 has shuffled around and we have a new contender for the big prize: Team SeguinScores has moved ahead of Disciples of Domi. I starred the teams that aren’t eligible to make it a bit easier to see how the 3 prizes could play out.

The standings go clear to 15 again this week because I have never in my life been this close to a sports winning ticket – and I’ve moved up to 13! Team member Randy shows up twice in the Top 10 – pretty sneaky Mr Norton!

  • 1 Vancouver Knuckleheads* 677
  • 2 AZ Islanders* 675
  • 3 AZ Canucks* 673
  • 4 SeguinScores 658
  • 5 Disciples of Domi 654
  • 6 team sheldon 652
  • 7 geemen* 647
  • 8 Hockey Rocks* 645
  • 9 RANGERS=CUP 643
  • 10 Bourque Fried Rice 640
  • 11 Flyers Win!!!!* 630
  • 12 Rob Henson 629
  • 13 Ice Folly* 626
  • 14 CharaSmash! 620
  • 15 Canadian Bacon 618

*Snow family or Snow Team member – playing for the pure joy of participation, but not for prizes.

As always, we want to thank our merchant sponsors who donate prizes.