This past weekend in Boston once again proved that the Affiliate Marketing industry is continuing to grow. There were many veterans of the industry, but there were also many new faces as well. We saw affiliates, merchants, fellow management agencies, networks and much more. Did I mention networks?! They are becoming a dime a dozen. That’s another story for another day.

Sunday at the Meet Market was a great event for us at Snow Consulting. We had many people stop by the table and receive samples of Shock Coffee. For those of you not familiar with Shock Coffee, they offer a variety of enegery drink coffee products. Some say it is the Red Bull of coffee products. We gave away the 8oz cans of Triple Mocha and Triple Latte. The mocha drinks were a huge hit early on, but as the day went on, more and more went with the Latte drinks. It was great to see many walking around with a can in their hand enjoying the product.

Other products we gave away included bags of the 2.65oz Regular Blend, 2.75oz Organic Blend and 13 oz Regular Blend.

The best comments on the taste of the coffee came from Michael Coley of I think we definitely made a customer out of him. Thanks Michael!

Please review the site and let us know if you are interested in working in their ShareaSale affiliate program. Join Here.

We look forwward to hearing from you.

Roger Snow & Greg Hoffman
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