Snow Consulting FREE Playoff Pool
ID =thinkuknowhockey / PW= nhl2010

Send your pool information to info @

Pick ANY 8 Forwards (2 Points for Goal / 1 Assist)
Pick ANY 4 Defenseman (2 Points for Goal / 1 Assist)
Pick ANY 2 Goalies (3 Points for a Shutout / 2 for a Win / -1 for a Loss)

Your Team Name: ___________________________________________
Your Real Name: ____________________________________________
Phone Number: ____________________________________________

You can trade your players after each round
Entry Deadlines (3:30 PM PST for 1st round and 12 PM PST for the next rounds) :
Round 1: April 16th
Round 2: April 29th
Round 3: May 13th
Last Round: May 27th

List of prizes so far for the NHL playoffs pool!

– The Mobo from

Invicta 8926C Men’s Watch from

Complete Edition Software Package in any Language from

– Get 2 of ANY product from!

– $25 Visa Card from

Hurry up to join! The deadline is coming fast.

Good luck and have fun!

The Snow Consulting Team