4th Annual Snow Hockey Pool

Snow Hockey Pool scores are close!

We have a clear front-runner in Team Half Baked, but that’s a Snow Team member, so don’t despair. We aren’t eligible for prizes.

Second place is tied up with 115 points each, but that’s only 1 point better than the 3-way tie for 4th. So our Top 5 standings are actually comprised of 6 teams, with just a 1st, 2nd and 4th place for now.

Hockey Pool Standings: All Tied Up

Here are the current* Top 5 standings:

  • 1. Half Baked 123
  • T2. Victorius V 115
  • T2. I don’t know what I am doing 115
  • T4. Rams Suck 114
  • T4. Sunshine’s Skaters 114
  • T4. Snowstorm 114

*current as of 1:00 pm CST 1-29-13

There’s still plenty of time to pull ahead and win a prize. Our merchant sponsors providing prizes are PaulsTV.com, UsedGolfBallDeals.com and SharpShades.com. Good luck!