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Live Well. Wink Well.

At Wink Well, we believe that simplicity is key when it comes to caring for your family’s health. Our products are thoughtfully crafted using carefully selected ingredients, with a focus on avoiding unnecessary additives and artificial substances.

Wink Well offers products ranging from natural skin care, sleep care for children to probiotic supplements with all natural ingredients. This gives the peace of mind that families are making the best choices when it comes to their health.

What Makes Wink Well Unique?

  • High-quality, eco-friendly products that are designed to improve health and wellness
  • Made with natural materials and free from harmful chemicals
  • We make these natural products for our own families to use so you can have confidence in our products for your family
  • 65-70% repeat purchase rate
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Program Details

  • Commission Rates: 6% coupon for new; 3% for returning, 8% loyalty for new; 4% for returning, 10% content
  • 30-day cookie duration
  • AOV: $45

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Drive with Confidence, Powered by TadiBrothers

TadiBrothers is a leading brand in the field of vehicle safety systems. Established in 2003, TadiBrothers has been providing innovative and reliable solutions for drivers who want to enhance the safety and security of their vehicles.

TadiBrothers offers a wide range of products, including backup cameras, parking sensors, wireless monitors, and dash cams. These products are designed to help drivers prevent accidents, avoid collisions, and stay aware of their surroundings while on the road.

What Makes TadiBrothers Unique?

  • Innovation: TadiBrothers is constantly pushing the boundaries of vehicle safety technology. They are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to enhance the safety and security of their customers’ vehicles.
  • Ease of Installation: TadiBrothers’ products are designed to be easy to install. Many of their systems are plug-and-play, which means they can be installed by anyone without the need for professional installation.
  • Customization: TadiBrothers offers a wide range of products that can be customized to meet the unique needs of their customers. This includes products with various screen sizes, camera angles, and even custom wiring options.
  • Affordability: TadiBrothers’ products are priced competitively, making them accessible to a wide range of customers. They offer high-quality products at an affordable price, without compromising on features or functionality.
  • Customer Service: US-based customer service always available

Program Details

  • Commission Structure: 5% for coupon sites, 8% for loyalty/cashback sites, 8-15% for influencers/content sites
  • 30-day cookie duration
  • AOV: $450

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Discover The Perfect Fit with Fidelity Denim

At Fidelity Denim, every stitch matters. From the selection of the finest fabrics to the innovative construction techniques, each piece is meticulously crafted to ensure maximum comfort and durability. The result is a collection of denim that not only looks good but feels good too, embodying the brand’s commitment to excellence.

Fidelity Denim is more than just a fashion brand; it is a lifestyle. Whether you’re dressing up for a night out or dressing down for a casual day, Fidelity Denim has the perfect piece to match your style. Each design is a nod to the rich heritage of denim, with a modern twist that reflects the brand’s passion for innovation and creativity.

So, step into the world of Fidelity Denim and experience the perfect blend of luxury and comfort. Whether you’re looking for classic skinny jeans or relaxed boyfriend styles, Fidelity Denim has something for everyone. Join us on this journey of sophistication and style, and discover the magic of Fidelity Denim for yourself.

What Makes Fidelity Denim Unique?

  • Fidelity Denim places a strong emphasis on fit, using innovative construction techniques and carefully selected fabrics.
  • Fidelity Denim is committed to using only the highest quality materials, resulting in jeans that are both stylish and comfortable.
  • Attention to detail and craftsmanship are at the core of Fidelity Denim’s design philosophy, resulting in a superior product.
  • Fidelity Denim offers a wide range of styles, from classic to trend-driven designs, giving customers a variety of options to choose from.

Program Details

  • Commission Structure: Coupon 3%-5% | Loyalty 6%-7% | Content 10%
  • 30-day cookie duration
  • AOV: $250

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Sensi: The Smart Thermostat That Respects Your Privacy

Upgrade your smart home with Sensi smart thermostats.

Sensi was developed to put comfort and control in the user’s hands without having to worry about giving up their privacy. As a leader in the HVAC industry, Sensi’s business model has never been built around leveraging their customers’ data for targeted advertising. Sensi makes smart devices with features consumers want and need to easily control their home comfort and help gain energy savings. Sensi integrates with various smart home automation programs to help control your home temperature with simple voice commands.

What Makes Sensi Unique?

  • Privacy Protection – We won’t sell your personal information to third parties
  • Easy DIY Installation – Use the built-in level and step-by-step app instructions for a quick installation. Works with HVAC equipment found in most homes (including Heat Pumps).
  • Top-Rated Mobile App – Easily monitor and control your thermostat from anywhere at anytime
  • Energy Savings – ENERGY STAR® certified Sensi smart thermostats can help you save about 23% on your HVAC energy
  • Named the ‘Best Overall’ and ‘Best Value’ smart thermostats by USA Today’s, and’s Readers Choice.

Program Details

  • Commission Rate: 10% content, 6% coupon
  • 30-day cookie duration
  • AOV: $120

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Connect with Nature and Elevate Your Backyard Living with BestNest!

BestNest is one of the oldest online retailers and specializes in outdoor living and wildlife products. Founded in 1999, the company has quickly become a leading destination for birders and outdoor enthusiasts. BestNest offers a wide range of high-quality products, including bird and wildlife houses and feeders, outdoor decor and furniture, gardening tools and planters, and more.

One of BestNest’s core missions is to help people connect with nature and the outdoors. They believe that providing high-quality birding and wildlife products can help foster an appreciation for wildlife and the environment. With this in mind, BestNest has curated an impressive selection of bird and wildlife houses and feeders to suit any style and budget.

What Makes BestNest Unique?

  • BestNest carefully selects the products they offer, ensuring they are high-quality, durable, and attractive.
  • BestNest is committed to providing excellent customer service. They offer free shipping on most orders over $75, have a 30-day return policy for unused items, and provide a wealth of resources and information on their website to help customers make informed purchases.
  • BestNest strives to be intentional in operating their business in harmony with Christian values

Program Details

  • Commission Structure: Coupon publishers: 4% (New = 4%; Returning = 2%), Loyalty/Reward publishers: 6% (New = 6%; Returning = 2%), CPA = up to 10% (New = 10%; Returning = 2%), Content publishers= 10% (New = 10%; Returning = 2%)
  • 30-day cookie duration
  • AOV: $150+

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Grey State Apparel: Sustainable Style for the Modern Woman

Inspired by the concept of mindful living, Grey State Apparel focuses on creating elevated basics with an emphasis on comfort, versatility, and sustainability. Each piece is designed with meticulous attention to detail and crafted from high-quality, eco-friendly fabrics.

With a mission to create clothing that not only looks and feels exceptional but also has a positive impact on the world, Grey State Apparel is a brand for those who value both style and sustainability.

What Makes Grey State Apparel Unique?

  • Women-owned and operated
  • Gives back to charities and communities
  • Low environmental impact
  • Follows Ethical Manufacturing Standards

Program Details

  • Commission Rate: 7%
  • 60-day cookie duration
  • AOV: $150+

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Mix Up Something Sweet with Sweetology!

Sweetology specializes in cookie, cupcake and cake decorating kits, perfect for birthday parties, family get-togethers, girls’ night out or even corporate gifting. Each decorating kit comes fully packed with fresh-baked cookies or cupcakes, frosting, piping set, tips, sprinkles and sugar decons. Each Sweetology kit can be customized to fit any theme or occasion.

What Makes Sweetology Unique?

  • Decorating kits delivered straight to your door with everything you need to create your perfect sweet treats
  • Corporate discounts are available for bulk orders
  • Kits can be made fully-customized

Program Details

  • Commission Rate: up to 10%
  • 15-day cookie duration
  • AOV: $45

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Benrus – The Original Never Gets Old

BENRUS is an American Watch Company founded in 1921 and is recognized for its legendary timepieces which have been proudly worn by the U.S. Military for decades.

One of the most respected watch manufacturers in the world, BENRUS has developed highly sought after timepieces in the military, aviation and dive categories. Today, BENRUS continues its timekeeping legacy in New York City with commitment to its American inspiration and innovative designs.

What Makes BENRUS Unique?

  • Founded in 1921
  • Launched a marketing campaign in 1926 that featured Charles Lindbergh
  • Inspired by its iconic timepieces from the past, BENRUS looks forward to the future with special edition reissues and innovative designs.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Program Details

  • Commission Rate: 15%
  • 60-day cookie duration
  • AOV: $900+
  • High conversion rates

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Varsity Base – Home Of The Finest Letterman Jackets

Varsity Base is home to the finest letterman jackets on the market. Crafted with care and precision, our jackets are stylish, durable and customizable to your school, university or club.

Putting the wearer’s comfort in the first place, Varsity Base jackets are available in a variety of colors, giving a chance to find the perfect complementary garment to any customer looking for their new varsity letterman jacket.

What Makes Varsity Base Unique?

  • Letterman jackets are 100% customizable
  • Made from high-quality materials including authentic cowhide leather and 24-ounce wool.
  • Free shipping on every order
  • Family-owned business

Program Details

  • Commission Rate: 10% with bonuses available up to 15%
  • 45-day cookie duration
  • AOV: $260
  • High conversion rates

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Look and Feel Your Best with Ashley Black Experience!

Ashley Black Experience is the inventor of the #1 best selling tool for regenerating fascia tissue, The FasciaBlaster®. The FasciaBlaster® is scientifically proven in peer reviews, published in Cogent Medical Journal, and can be used on every area of the body.

Our Company is highly profitable, has performed over $140M in revenue, has a social community of over 8M, and has had over 1 TRILLION Media impressions from shows like the Kardashians and magazines like W and Harper’s Bazaar.

Our customer results have been so profound that the inventions positioned our founder, Ashley Black, as The American Business Associations Entrepreneur of the Year in 2020. She also won the Lifetime Achievement for Consumer Goods and Woman of the Year in 2020.

Our website offers over 50 different products with an average order size of $145. We add new products regularly and have many ongoing kit promotions at a 26-55% discount. We have a 64% repurchase rate, and a majority of our sales and promotions come with a free gift with every purchase.

Program Details

  • Commission Rate: 8%
  • 30-day cookie duration
  • AOV: $1455
  • Conversion Rate: 3-5%

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