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All About Vibe is proud to offer handmade custom shaped pillows, all made in the USA! Whether you are looking to gift a custom pillow or have one made for yourself, All About Vibe strives to bring joy to you or a loved one by helping you feel closer to the people and moments that matter most.

Whether it’s a custom pillow designed after your furry friend or a family portrait to gift to family members who live far away, All About Vibe prides itself on creating one of a kind products that are Customizable, Memorable, Lovable, Huggable, Washable, and Giftable.

Why Buy From All About Vibe?

  • Custom and made to order by our talented craftsmen
  • Proudly Made in the USA!
  • We partner with numerous charities to help create smiles

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Affiliate Marketing: Under the Influence (Part 2) 

Once you fully understand the landscape (see Part 1), you can put in place an influencer strategy that is appropriate for your brand’s unique needs and objectives – and works well with your existing affiliate program.

There are definitely a lot of things that make influencer marketing worth using as part of your overall affiliate strategy. However, there are other issues that have to be watched carefully or you may fall prey to some serious missteps. 

What’s Working

Market Size

There’s been significant growth year-over-year and that is expected to continue.

  • Influencer marketing grew to nearly $10 billion in 2020, according to a report from Influencer Marketing Hub (and could reach nearly $14 billion by the end of 2021).
  • Influencer marketing more than doubled between 2019 and 2021, growing from $6.5 billion to $13.8 billion U.S. dollars in the three years alone, according to Statista
  • Brands are set to spend up to $15 billion on influencer marketing by 2022, per Insider Intelligence estimates, based on Mediakix data.

Standards Emerging 

Things are real when they need to be monitored, regulated and guidelines start emerging.

  • December 8, 2020, The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) announced the creation of the Influencer Marketing Advisory Board. Priorities – industry-wide standardized measurement definitions to address the variance across platforms and the inconsistent usage and reporting by different partners in the social media ecosystem; increase trust and transparency in influencer marketing by reducing fraud, improving measurement, and spearheading industry commitments to advancing and improving the discipline.
  • FTC regulations: FTC’s rules state that influencers must reveal their relationships with brands within their posts. Followers need to understand whether what they’re seeing is an ad or an organic post by the influencer. Violating the rules can lead to penalties, fines, and legal fees. 

Branding and Exposure

Currently, this is the influencer’s wheelhouse and where they shine.

  • Influencers can help with branding and exposure to a wider audience or a new audience segment.
  • They can also help a merchant increase social reach, impressions, engagement, likes, comments, shares and website traffic

What to Keep a Close Eye On

Measuring Success

The customer journey as it relates to influencers is complex. The industry, as a whole, is still working hard to figure out more accurate and effective ways to measure influencer impact in the path to purchase.

  • Influencer marketing efforts are not always being integrated into a brand’s attribution model.
  • Many merchants don’t have established metrics and KPIs for measuring success and ROI for influencer marketing. Key metrics to look at when working with influencers: new vs. existing customers, average order value (AOV), clicks, cross-device interaction, the role of the influencer along the path to purchase, Cost per Engagement (CPE), and Cost per Impression (CPM)
  • In a 2018 study of micro-influencers, only 11.2% of influencers said they prefer the success of a campaign to be measured by conversions, while a whopping 47.7% said they prefer using “reach” as their success metric. 
  • Many influencers are not willing to share data with their partners by giving access to real-time analytics that will help brands assess the true value of their influence and their content for the campaign.
  • Influencers are often good for branding because of their reach but do not drive significant revenue and conversions.
  • Influencers often account for a one-time spike that is not repeatable.


Some brands view snagging big influencers as their ticket to huge sales growth. They fail to set realistic goals and objectives and make sure that the influencer aligns with their marketing efforts.

  • Brands want bigger influencers, but a recent Upfluence report shows that engagement rates are higher for micro-influencers (fewer than 15K followers) than for influencers with more followers. Micro-influencers boasted the highest post engagement rates of all influencer types on Instagram (3.86%), YouTube (1.63%), and, in particular TikTok (17.96%). And, it appears that the more followers influencers have, the lower the engagement rates.
  • Micro-influencers have smaller followings, but their engagement numbers trumped mega-influencers In 2018 research by, which surveyed 1,000 micro-influencers and analyzed internal influencer campaign data, found that, on Instagram, micro-influencers receive seven times more engagement than larger influencers. 
  • The bigger the influencer, the bigger the issues are around trust, authenticity, and believability. It is usually very clear when an influencer likes/loves a product and wants to share that with followers versus simply being paid to mention a product or service.
  • Mislead by stats – data is being used to bolster the argument in favor of the value of using influencers. For example, Research by Neilsen found 83% of Americans somewhat or entirely trust endorsements and recommendations from people they know. But it is misleading when used in the context of influencers. Keep in mind that the majority of followers DO NOT KNOW the influencer. This stat really refers to word of mouth from friends or family or a trusted review source and is being used out of context.
  • Almost all big influencers have a percentage of fake followers (it varies and is not their fault) but that can skew the reach brands expect.
  • Brands don’t always set rules, guidelines, and objectives with the influencer (without over-reaching into the influencer’s creative process) and then are disappointed by the quality or message distributed.
  • Some merchants often fail to provide additional product information or even vague ideas/guidance about the best way to promote products.
  • There are often a lot of missteps. The influencer doesn’t follow through in the appropriate time frame. Some claim they never received items. They mispronounce product or even company names in video or give out incorrect information. Most times the influencer is not going to redo the video to correct errors. Very often, they fail to include the appropriate affiliate links.

The Costs, Resources, and Time

Often merchants underestimate the entire effort needed to bring influencers into an affiliate program. It goes far beyond just paying for content (or sending free products) and then reaping the benefits of sales from that posting. There are often hundreds of man-hours involved in overseeing the process from beginning to end.

  • Merchants want to snag the biggest fish and are then shell-shocked by the huge costs associated with working with them.
  • For many merchants, the expense of working with influencers can be cost-prohibitive and free products are not always compelling enough to entice large influencers.
  • Costs can be confusing because influencer pricing can vary widely (from $25 to over $10,000 and some celebrities demand over $1 million) depending on the number of followers, platform, the number of posts, effort needed to create posts, etc. 
  • The average time to engage and take an influencer through the entire process is lengthy – find them, email back and forth on details and strategy, ship product (or pay a sponsorship fee), get the influencer to post about the brand, get the info back to the brand, measure success – can be lengthy (often up to several months).
  • Most merchants do not have a staffer dedicated to dealing with influencers, so it falls to employees with other responsibilities – which can lead to further delays.

Long-Term Partnerships/Value 

It’s paramount to build a real relationship with an influencer as their audience typically has a different purchase journey that takes much longer. One and done doesn’t seem to yield results.

  • Successful marketing relies on frequency and consistency of message, but most influencers post episodically—or, in many cases, just once on behalf of a brand. 
  • Paying for Instagram stories or other social posts that disappear in a specific time frame doesn’t yield long-term value – or help with search. There is no long-tail value.
  • Allowing the influencer creative freedom, but still having the message in line with the brand’s objective is necessary to have a good, long-term relationship.
  • Not making the influencer feel special is sabotaging any chance of a long-term bond. When sending money and products, merchants often treat the influencer like a normal customer – not including any special items in the packaging, or additional information about what differentiates them from their competition. Even a hand-written note would go a long way. 

Stay tuned for Part 3 where we provide a mini case study of one of our merchants and the results of an influencer partnership.

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Superior Supplements, Significant Results with Wellness Resources


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Wellness Resources and well+vita offer superior quality supplements and aims at delivering the most absorbable nutrients to truly make a difference in your health.

Wellness Resources provides supplements from your every day energy boosters to thyroid support as well specific nutrients such as Vitamin C and B12. well+vita offers supplements to help you stay calm and focused as well as pre-workout formulas to give you the boost you need.

Improve your overall health with Wellness Resources and well+vita!

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  • Family owned and operated

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Affiliate Marketing: Under the Influence (Part 1)

You’ve likely been inundated with how significant influencers are in boosting brands’ online marketing efforts. You want influencers to work with you. Your brand wants in on that high-profile influencer mojo. We get it. We like working with influencers and definitely see the benefits. But, much like gamblers in Vegas, not everyone hits the jackpot – or even wins big. Not everything goes viral. Not all influencer campaigns actually drive sales.

We don’t want to extinguish your enthusiasm about influencers – just help temper your expectations. There is a lot of hype surrounding influencer marketing and we’re here to help you sort through the facts and the fiction.

What You Read and Hear About Influencer Marketing

  • For every $1 that brands spend on influencers, brands are getting an ROI of $5.78
  • Sponsored blog posts alone have proven to yield up to 11x more ROI than standard banner ads.
  • 90% of marketers believe influencer marketing to be an effective form of marketing. 

What We Hear Directly From Influencers

We already have paid partnerships lined up for the next month and we are unable to accept product-only partnerships at this time.”

“There is a lot of work that goes into creating content, so our preference is to have a flat fee to cover the time it takes to create quality content.”

“I’d love to work together but I do charge a marketing fee for my content, copy, and time. I would need them to have a significant marketing budget ($3,000 to $5,000) to work with me.”

Understanding the Influencer Landscape

There are different thresholds and different names used when categorizing the size of influencers, but here’s a general rule of thumb:

Nano influencers (1K-10K followers) – They typically have a very engaged social media following and great engagement rates. Nano influencers can be vocal advocates of the brands and products they love. Their followers appreciate their authentic recommendations and commentary. They have a very close relationship with their followers and take the time to engage with their followers to cultivate those relationships. Best For: Small- to mid-size businesses with a limited marketing budget. They are a cost-effective option for getting started with influencer marketing and testing a new product or expanding into a new niche.

Micro-influencers (10K-100K followers) –This level is viewed as relatable to their followers and tends to have an engaged audience. At this level, influencers tend to specialize in a particular niche. They also typically have high engagement rates and a targeted audience. Best For: More focused leads. While they have the same close relationship with their followers as nano influencers, micro-influencers are more specialized so their audience is primed to hear marketing messages within that niche.

Macro influencers (100K-1M followers) – These influencers lean toward a broader audience and are typically internet-made celebrities. They are likely social media stars, bloggers, vloggers, or podcasters. They’ve often developed their audience over months or years of nurturing relationships. Because of their larger following they often have relatively low engagement rates. Best For: To bring brand awareness of products and services. They may help with increasing a brand’s engagement rates, reach, and reputation.

Mega or celebrity influencers (1M+ followers) – Mega influencers and celebrities have huge and very broad audiences. Best For: A brand awareness campaign. If a brand has a large budget, mega influencers can get products in front of as many eyes as possible.

Understanding the Costs

Influencer Followers Instagram per Post YouTube per Video TikTok per Post FaceBook per Post Twitter per Post
Nano Influencer 1K-10K  $10-$100 $20-$200 $5-$25 $25-$250 $2-$20
Micro Influencer 10K-100K  $100-$500 $200-$1K $25-$125 $250-$1.25K $20-$100
Macro Influencer 500K-1M  $5K-$10K $10K-$20K $1.25K-$2.5K $12,5K0-$25K $1K-$2K
Mega Influencer 1M+  $10K+ $20K+ $2,5K+ $25K+ $2,000+

Source: Influencer Marketing Hub

Essentially, there are three roles influencers play:

  • Introducers: Those who introduce a brand or product into a consumers’ mind space.
  • Contributors: Those who contribute and ensure that the brand or product remains top-of-mind as they contemplate their purchase decision.
  • Closers: Those who close the deal and are the final point of persuasion that drives the purchase decision through.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Source: CrowdMedia

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From portable audio to karaoke machines, Rockville Audio offers world-class products designed to give you the most bang for your buck. Rockville Audio is your one-stop-shop for all things audio!

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Protect those pups with Walkee Paws, the first of its kind to offer paw-fect protection against germs, dirt, rain, snow or whatever your dog may come across!

Walkee Paws help avoid those stubborn dog booties by providing both comfort and versatility in the form of leggings that secures with straps. No more slipping out or falling off, so your pup can roam freely and comfortably all while looking stylish.

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My Nice Wigs goal is to empower every woman all the while preserving her natural hair. Our wigs are shed and tangle free, making it a breeze to create that stunning look!

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Back to School – Making the Grade

Students are headed back to the classroom and that means they need all the gear to make the grade.

You can go to the head of the commission class by promoting back to school products or services from these A+ merchants:

Mini fridges, microwaves and other small appliances for decking out the dorm room are available at PriceWaiter (SAS, CJ). Thousands of brand name products and they are all new, in the box, and come with their manufacturers’ guarantees and warranties –  and at better than Amazon prices. 

Whether listening to music while studying, chilling out or taking a gaming break, exceptional quality headphones are essential for back to school – and everything in between. Audeze is among the preeminent brands for high-end headphones. The award-winning headphones are used by the top producers, composers, artists, sound engineers, gamers, and audiophiles. All Audeze headphones reflect cutting-edge advancements in technology, manufacturing, and user experience.

With kids constantly staring at screens and reading, it’s the perfect time for new glasses. Glasses Shop (SAS, CJ) has a huge collection of styles including all the trendiest looks – aviator, cat-eye, round, square, oval. They also have blue light-blocking glasses that help reduce eye strain and fatigue from looking at devices and screens.

It’s time to outfit kiddos with used custom-built laptops, monitors or PCs and Discount Electronics is THE place. They have all major brands at up to 70% off retail prices. All laptops and computers ship the same or next business day and all are warranted for 1-year directly with Discount Electronics. 

A new school year means connecting computers and laptops, charging devices, as well as hooking up audio and video equipment. That means having the right cords and connectors for job. And GearIT has all the accessories, cables, connectors, and more to make every device operate properly in any environment.

College kids need their caffeine for late-night study sessions or just to make it an early morning class. And Gourmesso (SAS, CJ) is the leader in compatible coffee capsules for dorm room Nespresso and Keurig coffee machines. Gourmesso’s coffee is sourced from a premium selection of beans originating from Indonesia and South and Central America and they offer a line of coffee pods for Keurig that is 100% compostable. 

And, if college students aren’t into coffee, they can indulge in tea from Ekön Tea. Their mission is to provide men the option of high-quality, pure, loose leaf teas blended to cater to their specific lifestyles and needs. With a wide variety of award-winning blends to choose from, Ekön Tea has the perfect tea for every man and it’s perfect for women too.

And for students that need a healthy, quick, and delicious way to make sure they’re getting what their body needs, Bumpin Blends has totally organic smoothies. Each packet of Bumpin Blends cubes is customized to the individual’s special nutritional needs. It’s blended, frozen, and packed in small batches every day – perfect for the dorm freezer. And the packaging is completely eco-friendly.

Every student needs a space that is conducive to learning. Office Designs know that whether they are studying are doing distance learning, handling homework, or cramming all night for a big test – having a functional but comfortable and pleasing study environment leads to increased productivity. Office Designs has modern desks and furniture from Steelcase, Hon, Humanscale, Haworth, Kartell, and more that let students study in style. 

The teenage years can be confusing enough, but throw in all the physical changes of puberty and going back to school and it can be very trying for young boys to navigate. Prep U Products can help provide young men with what they need to grow up confident, informed, and to take control of their personal care regimen. Prep U understands the modern grooming needs of teen guys/young adults and the concerns of their clean-conscious parents. Prep U features active all-natural ingredients and makes sure that boys are clean, smell great and well-groomed.

Let’s face it, most of us grew up with a set of encyclopedias in the house. But now that seems so old school. Britannica Kids is the modern, online version of encyclopedias designed specifically for children. With a 250-year legacy of learning and curiosity, Britannica Kids offers safe, age-appropriate content that keeps kids focused while broadening their horizons. Britannica Kids strives to nourish the thirst for knowledge and incredible facts for the youngest of minds as well the entire family.

Make sure students get an A+ for their accessories. Showing off individual style when head back to class is important to students. ShopSonix has everything they need – iPhone cases, tech accessories, sunglasses, portable chargers, pouches, laptop clutches, and more.

Simple Solutions to Stay Connected with GearIT!

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GearIT strives to focus on providing consumer electronics accessories to keep your devices connected, sync, and charged. Our mission is to connect people with accessories or other consumer devices that will help improve their life or to help simplify their digital lifestyle.

From power cables, audio/video accessories to wireless chargers and much more, GearIT promises to help deliver the perfect accessory to help keep you connected.

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  • Lifetime Warranty on Most GearIT Products
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Make a Love Connection


Recently the CDC announced that fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear a mask or physically distance, except where required by federal or state law or by businesses. This means some people are spending time in much closer proximity to each other, going out, and let’s face it – looking to start dating again.

One thing singles missed most during the pandemic was meeting new people and potentially finding their person. Plus, it’s wedding season, and seeing friends and family members tie the knot makes everyone want that forever love too!

But being out of the game and a bit rusty with the flirting skills (Zoom doesn’t really count) has people more anxious about dating in a post-pandemic world. However, many of our amazing merchants have products that can make dating the process less stress-inducing by helping everyone feel more confident in making a great first impression.

We can’t guarantee your audience will find Mr. or Mrs. Right, but we can offer up some great merchants that will help them date with increased confidence:

Best Face Forward is a Must

  • Look and feel good from the inside out. Beautified You understands that skincare is ultimately overall care for an individual’s well-being. The Beautified You team works tirelessly to curate the best brands, and industry leaders, to deliver an easy, one-stop-shopping experience for skincare needs. 
  • Go natural and show off your glow. Juice Beauty is all about luxurious, organic skincare formulations that perform better than conventional beauty products. Juice Beauty products are formulated with an antioxidant and vitamin-rich organic botanical juice base.

Smelling Good is Important

  • Scent can be intoxicating and specializes in discounted fragrances, bath and body products, and candles. They feature over 2,000 of the hottest designer name brands including Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss, Liz Claiborne, Calvin Klein, Givenchy, Guess, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Lancôme, Christian Dior, Fendi, and more.

Dress for Dating Success (Women)

  • AMI Clubwear (CJ, SAS) lets women show off their style. It’s the place for sexy date and club apparel, shoes, and accessories for women of all ages. Featuring the hottest trends, celebrity styles, and the most up-to-date fashions, AMI Clubwear gets ladies outfitted for a hot night on the town.
  • Stylish and easy to wear clothes that put the focus on the date and not fussing with an uncomfortable outfit. Everybody & Everyone is an eco-innovative, size-inclusive (00-24), on-trend womenswear brand with collections that are 100% organic, biodegradable, and recycled. Their tops, outwear, sweaters, pants, cozy loungewear, athleisure pieces, dresses, and more make life easier and better for the planet.
  • This is a go-to dating staple. Free Reign Style caters to smaller women (S & M) with limited options when it comes to finding quality tanks with built-in bras. Free Reign Style’s Everyday Tank is a sophisticated and versatile piece that’s perfect for a casual date brunch, a night at the club, a nice dinner, and everything in between.
  • Flouncy, flirty, mini, maxi, tennis – the choices are endless at MustHaveSkirts. They are THE destination for every type of skirt for every date occasion and at prices that everyone can afford. 

Dress for Dating Success (Men)

  • Guys also need to step it up for a date and Stately delivers carefully selected, stylist-curated contemporary clothing for the modern man. Stately works with leading brands to bring a personalized assortment of clothes to fit any lifestyle – date night, weekends, or relaxing in the comfort of your home.
  • For those guys looking to impress their date with a more street style look, ThreadBeast is the go-to for great fashion that is both affordable and accessible to young men. It delivers carefully curated and diverse packages of streetwear every month, all based on your style and preferences.ThreadBeast packages include today’s most influential and trendsetting brands.

Be a Shoe-in

  • Fuchsia Shoes let the ladies show off their style head-to-toe and make any outfit a showstopper. Fuchsia shoes are made with passion, artistry, and love. Each pair of Fuchsia flats is handcrafted in a 30-step process. The result is beautiful and intricate. These elegant yet comfortable flats are flexible, durable and a work of art.
  • Nothing says sexy like a great pair of boots. Lane Boots offers designer-quality boots with western influences. Designed in Texas and hand-crafted by artisans, Lane Boots provides comfortable and stylish boots and booties that are a perfect fit for everyone looking to show off their style. 
  • Lugz footwear prides itself on quality and supreme comfort – perfect (and impressive)  for a causal date Lugz started with the hip-hop culture, but have evolved – all while keeping the Lugz distinctive style. Lugz offers a full range of stylish footwear for men and women including its famous boots, casual, athletic, and canvas options.

Accessories Complete the Look

  • Bringing the bling for a date is sure to impress. FrostNYC Jewelers is the largest hip-hop jewelry site, having served blinged-out jewelry lovers for over 30 years. FrostNYC’s quality custom pieces are detailed to complement urban street styles with million-dollar quality rocks without the weight of a big price tag.
  • Sometimes dating is a numbers game. Make sure your audience stands out and reinforces their name with GetNameNecklace’s fashionable, personalized jewelry. Their name, initials, birthstone, or even a photo can become a lovely treasured jewelry piece. Choose from necklaces, bracelets, rings, charms, and more.
  • Sure dates can check their phone to tell if time is flying by or if it’s time for a quick exit, but why not promote Stuhrling’s stunning collection of men’s and women’s watches. Rock a striking moon phase watch, stylish women’s skeleton watch, or a men’s pocket watch! Stuhrling has a wide selection of designs suited for every date occasion that are sure to wow.

And if it doesn’t work out, there’s always cuddling with a pet…Cuddle Clones captures that special, unconditional connection between pet owners and their fur-babies with 100% handmade plush replicas of their pet in an adorable stuffed animal form.