Welcome to the refreshing breeze of innovation with Windmill, your trusted companion in creating a cool and comfortable living space. Born out of a dedication to redefining the home climate experience, Windmill stands as a beacon of efficiency, style, and reliability in the realm of window air conditioning units.

Windmill boasts a diverse range of window air conditioning units designed to cater to various room sizes and cooling needs. Our innovative technology ensures efficient cooling while maintaining energy efficiency, offering a perfect blend of comfort and savings.

Windmill AC units are not just functional; they’re a stylish addition to any space. With a sleek and modern design as well as accessories, our window AC units seamlessly integrate into your decor while delivering powerful and reliable cooling performance.

What Makes Windmill Unique?

  • Sleek Design with Powerful Performance
  • Focus on User-Friendly Experience
  • Each AC Unit Comes with One Activated Carbon Filter Which Helps Protect Against Fumes, Gases, Odors and Similar Pollutants
  • Innovative Technology with WhisperTech™

Program Details

  • Commission Rates: 10% Filters | 5% Windmill AC Units
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • AOV:  $425

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