UPDATE! We have our winners!

When PaulsTV.com sponsors a week, we get two winners! This week’s top two teams are 1) SunshinesGirl’sSuperstars! (also known as Sunshine Tricia!) and 2) Blind Zebras (also known as our friend WoJo!)

Congratulations and thanks for playing!

Week 9: Two $50 Gift Cards From Restaurant.com Sponsored by PaulsTV.com

The Snow Consulting Pro Football Pick’em Pool is at the half-way mark for the regular season and there’s really no clear leader in the standings yet. A mere 8 points stands between Number 1 and Number 5 in the standings and the whole top 10 is only about 12 points apart. That’s one excellent week of Pick’em luck!

PaulsTV.com is our sponsor for both the Grand Prize* and this week 9! We have 2 gift cards for Restaurant.com ($50 each) for the top two winners this week. Don’t forget to make your picks NOW while you’re thinking of it and before the first game tonight!

*Grand Prize is a Panasonic Blu-Ray player provided by PaulsTV.com!