Team Kim’s Krew Klub wins the week!

We have three prizes to award for this week 9 – here are the Top four* teams!

  • Kim’s Krew Club
  • Legal Eagle*
  • Cotton Candy
  • ACE

*We almost always have Snow team members or Snow family members or peers who don’t participate in the prize part of the fun. So if you see a * it’s because that team is ineligible or has opted out of the prize.

This week’s prizes will be awarded via email. Our generous sponsors for the week:

Snackwarehouse $25 store credit for delicious snacks, including hard-to-find specialty snacks! $25 store credit for printer ink cartridges $25 store credit for authentic designer fragrances and gift sets!

And don’t forget the Grand prize at the end of the season! Grand Prize at the end of the season: 6 month membership in the Vintner’s Series wine club!

Congratulations to our winners and good luck in the coming weeks!