Do you write about Wine?

Wine bloggers come in a variety of styles, almost as varied as the wines they review. Some writers just taste and rate, others tell the story of a wine or a vineyard and inspire us to try it, too.

Image: The Case Club offers 12 individually selected wines every 3rd month. Source:

Image: The Case Club offers 12 individually selected wines every 3rd month. Source:

A good wine blog can include comments about various wines tasted, but the great ones are all about the passion of wine and everything that goes with it. Some writers describe elaborate plans for wine tasting tours and travels through wine country. Pictures and guides are valuable additions to your content strategy.

Are you planning a Gift Guide?

If you are planning a gift guide for Q4, it’s a good time to start preparing. We can help with your plans to include gift memberships for wine clubs or specialty gift baskets. Wine of the Month Club will work with you to create a custom offer for your blog.

Contact us and a unique SKU with a co-branded page can be created for qualified sites. Exclusive codes or promotions can be arranged for your guide and we can arrange for review products where appropriate.

Do you love unique content?

Are you familiar with Paul Kalaemkiarian, the President of Wine of the Month Club? His video discussions are great education about specific wines and the industry in general. He regularly interviews vineyard owners and records tastings and other events for Wine of the Month podcasts and videos.

If you’re able to meet one-on-one with Paul, he will be happy to schedule and interview / tasting combination with you. You’ll have some great content for your site and it can be cross-posted at Wine of the Month Club as additional exposure for you!

For Details contact Ginette.