We had at least one correct answer for each entry on Tuesday!  That means more entries for our prize drawing on the 30th!

Question 1 was from TheHairStyler.com and the questions was about best and worst styles at the recent Emmy Awards.  The correct answer was Maria Menounos, with her just right side-styled hair-do.

Question 2 was from CompAndSave.com and the correct answer was 20 months!  All ink cartridges come from fresh from the factory every month and have a tested shelf life of 20 months.

Question 3, from PrintRunner.com, concerned standard color coding in the printing industry.  The correct answer is CMYK, which stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (black).

Thank you for playing!  New questions are posted every business day in the afternoon and answers are posted the following day.  Submit your answers to today’s questions in the comments section.