4th Annual Snow Hockey Pool

2 members of Snow Team in the top 5 and neither of them is Roger!

Last week, Roger predicted that he would never hear the end of it if Kareth beat him in his own Hockey Pool. That’s so true, starting now!

This week brings another Snow Team member into the Top 5. Randy Norton is playing just for the fun of beating Roger; no Snow team members are eligible for prizes, of course. But Randy’s team came from nowhere to sit in 4th place this week.

The biggest change might be Team “Shanahand me a beer” – fell from 2nd place last week to 6th today. Team “Checks Chick” also fell out of the top 5, at least for now!

Here’s the Top 5 – Good luck to everyone playing in this 4th Annual Snow Hockey Pool:

  • 1 VictoriousV – still in the top spot! 274
  • T2 Canadian Bacon 264
  • T2 Vancouver Knuckleheads 264
  • 4 Hockey Rocks 262
  • 5 The Usual Suspects 259

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