Our Trivia Contest started on Thursday, 9-15 and technical difficulty won the day.  Our over-eager spam plug-in wouldn’t let anyone answer.  Once that problem was solved, we felt it only fair to leave Thursday’s questions up for an extra day.

Here are the correct answers for Thursday and Friday.  We had a few winning entries and some incorrect entries.  Each correct answer wins an entry in our prize drawing on September 30th, with prizes provided by our sponsors.


#1 The correct answer is Unlimited photo uploads at TheHairStyler.com

#2 The correct answer is UV cured ink at PrintRunner.com

#3 The correct answer is printhead.  The printhead is the most important part of your printer. That answer was found at CompAndSave.com


#1  OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufactured, which can be found at CompAndSave.com when comparing prices on OEM cartridges and remanufactured cartridges.  The correct answer is Original Equipment Manufactured.

#2  We accepted the answer 6 and 7 as correct, since the actual dropdown menu on the order page offers you 7 size choices for posters at ThePrintRunner.com, even though the copy says 6.  Either answer is considered correct.

#3   There are 50 colors to choose from at TheHairStyler.com.  50 is the correct answer.

Each day, new questions are posted in the afternoon.  Submit your answer via the comments section below the question.  Each correct answer earns you an entry in the prize drawing on September 30.