The correct answers for yesterday’s Trivia are:

#1 – According to, you should run the cleaning utility on your printer every time you change the ink cartridge.

#2- This was a tough one – to achieve “rich black” in your printed materials, instructs:

For all areas of solid black, using CMYK, set the color values to the following combination for the best result.

C: 60%
M: 40%
Y: 40%
K: 100%

#3 – Christina’s lips are always a beautiful shade of red!   You can learn ways to pick a shade that brightens your skin tone at

We’ll be drawing for the 3 Round 1 prizes later today.  If you submitted a correct answer anytime during Round 1, you’re entered in the drawing!   We’ll post the winners and their prize on this page!   Round 2 begins on the first Monday of October; come play!