We get excited about things that appeal to merchants and affiliates alike – here’s one!

There are three of our Merchants in the ShareASale Power Rank 100!

LunaBazaar.com in ShareASale Power Rank 100!

LunaBazaar.com has only been with Snow Consulting for a short time, but already sales have gone UP! They have a very respectable EPC and average order size and their unique selling proposition is a good one.

LunaBazaar.com is a media favorite for wedding and event decor because they color-match across their product lines. So a bride can pick and choose from the lanterns, parasols, candle holders, etc. and know that the up-to-the-minute color choices will match!

HFLSolutions.com is in ShareASale Power Rank 100!

HFLSolutions.com is a Power Ranked merchant because they convert! Check that EPC and average commission!

HFLSolutions.com provides solutions for a healthy lifestyle: weight loss, increased energy, metabolism boost, lower cholesterol and more!

CompAndSave.com is in ShareASale Power Rank 100!

CompAndSave.com sells printer ink. And they do a GREAT job. You can purchase any of the three kinds of ink cartridges you prefer: Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Compatible, which means brand new and compatible with your printer specs or Remanufactured, which is the refilled and remanufactured cartridges.

Since customers get to choose and CompAndSave makes it so easy to navigate, the fact that their prices are excellent is almost just a bonus!

If you’re missing any of these three sales leaders in your affiliate line-up, sign up today at ShareASale!