Hey everyone,

I hope everyone had a great time at Affiliate Summit last week in Vegas. I couldn’t believe how many people attended. The event keeps getting more popular every year. The number of affiliate partners that attended were far greater than last year. It shows that affiliate marketing is getting stronger and stronger.

One of our clients, TheHairStyler.com is heading into its busiest time of year with Proms, Graduations and Weddings. For our current affiliate partners and potential new partners who have expressed interest in joining TheHairStyler.com affiliate program, we have created an interactive demo that allows potential customers to test a free demo service on your web site before they click through and sign-up. It is by far the best converting creative we offer through the affiliate program.

Please click the following link to get an idea of what you could feature on your web site: TheHairStyler.com Interactive Demo. Play around with it and let us know your thoughts. The demo links are in the Special Links – HTML Creative category under TheHairStyler.com account in ShareaSale. We want you to take advantage of the busy season. The commission is 25% on every sign-up.

We look forward to working with any new partners and sending higher commission checks to our current partners.

Talk to you soon