Hello everyone,

It’s NHL Playoffs time! For us hockey crazed fans we call this the “real season”. Funny how these days the regular season means nothing and it’s all about the playoffs isn’t it?

Anyways, I know there were a lot of you that really loved the NHL Season pool we ran this year so we definitely wanted to get one going for the playoffs. Once again, we have gift cards as PRIZES!

Here’s the quick information:


To enter the SUPER EASY box-style pool (no hockey knowledge needed) simply click the following


Once you have clicked the link, you will then be prompted to enter your picks.

Once your admin has received your entries you will be sent a password to the pool:

Season: 2011 Playoff Season
Pool Name: scplayoffs

It is very important that you respond by 2011-04-13 or else your submission may not be entered into the pool.