Good afternoon,

I wanted to show you all of the great testimonials for this month and also give you some background on how these are compiled.

This section of the site has contains testimonials, endorsements, reviews and general feedback we’ve received from our customers … industry leaders … medical professionals and a variety of other people, sexes, ages and so forth. NONE of these have been paid for or solicited.

What they’ve done is just compile emails sent to us monthly from our customers or just anyone who’s visited our site, purchased one of our products (CholesLo™ in this case) or tried a service that we’ve offered. NO email has been altered! All we’ve done is just “cut and paste” it on to our site.

The only alteration is that we’ve fixed minor grammar and spelling mistakes (not everyone is a great speller). We’ve listed the person’s name when possible, but we have altered the email addresses for protection and privacy issues.

We receive about 50-65 NEW testimonials each and every month and will rotate new ones accordingly. As stated already, NOBODY has been paid for their testimonial or endorsement – not the doctors, the professional athletes or our satisfied customers and members.


Hope you’re having a great day,

Randy Norton
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