4th Annual Snow Hockey Pool

Snow Hockey Pool Standings

It looks like our Snow Team member Trisha has had her run of luck in the top 5 – Team Half Baked has fallen to 7th place! But another Snow Team member has entered the standings; can you guess which team* it is?

And Victorious V is holding on to her 1st place slot with a 16 point lead!

We love seeing new team names pop up in the top 5 – we’re considering a contest next time just for the most creative name! Here are the standings as of 9 AM PT today, 2-12-2013:

  • 1 VictoriousV 232
  • 2 Shanahand Me A Beer 216
  • T3 The Usual Suspects 208
  • T3 Canadian Bacon 208
  • T5 Checks Chick 207
  • T5 Vancouver Knuckleheads 207

As always, we want to thank our merchant sponsors and invite you to visit their sites. You’ll find the list of sponsors and prizes in this post.

*Vancouver Knuckleheads’ owner Kareth Snow is tied for 5th!