I know we are all in crunch time for Christmas shopping, but it is also a great time to start planning for post-Christmas and New Year’s. The focus will be on fitness, exercise and weight loss. We want everyone to hop on board with the top rated fitness products from HyperWear.com.

Men’s Fitness magazine called the Hyper Vest PRO the “Top Rated Fitness Product of 2009”.

Muscle and Fitness Magazine calls the Hyper Vest “ideal for multi-plane movement” and “so thin it fits under a t-shirt”.

In the last couple of months, the following schools and athletes have started using Hyper Wear fitness products to train.

– University of Texas football (i might add that they are in the BCS title game)
– University of Texas basketball
– University of Nebraska track and field
– Trey Hardee, Gold medal decathlete at the 2009 World Championships
– The Austin, Texas school district has created a partnership with Hyper Wear that will bring the SandBell into all of their schools. This includes 14 high schools, 17 middle schools and 79 elementary schools. Wow!
– School districts in Fort Worth and Los Angeles have also brought in the Hyper Vests and SandBell to some of their schools.

To view videos of Hyper Wear products, simply click here and you will be directed to the Hyper Wear You Tube page. All of these videos can be found in your ShareaSale affiliate account.

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We are here to help, so please do not hesitate to contact us with questions, comments or requests. Talk soon!

Roger Snow – Affiliate Team Manager
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