Snow Consulting Hockey Playoffs Pool

Stanley Cup Playoffs – Snow Pool Standings

The NHL playoff season is one weekend away from having 2 final teams battle it out for the coveted Stanley Cup.

Before the weekend is over, we’ll know whether the Rangers or the Devils will face LA in the final showdown of the season.

Meanwhile in the Snow Consulting Hockey Pool, the standings have shifted to give us a new team in first place and some minor shuffling in the rest of the top 10.

The Nordiques moved into 1st place with a 7 point lead, leaving our former front-runners trailing in 2nd and 3rd.

SmashMouth Brothers and Big Al Rap fell from 2nd and 4th places respectively down to 5th and 6th this week.

Last time we recapped the standings, there were 2 teams tied for 7th place and 3 teams tied for 9th. Let’s see how they moved around this time.

Biscuitinthebasketpl fell from 7th to 9th, TeamUSI fell out of the top 10.

Joe Picks The Wings also fell out of the top 10, biscuit went from 9th to tied for 10th and wewantthecup moved up a spot to 8th place this week.

Biggest move of the week? Missy’s Puckheads were tied for 15th last time, but Missy’s Ranger love has propelled her to 7th place as of this post. Who knows what the weekend will bring; we could see the Rangers eventually take it all!

Here’s your Top Ten:

  • 1st Nordiques 139
  • 2nd Dilly’s Danglers 132
  • 3rd Coyotes 129
  • 4th K9 4nic8r 128
  • 5th SmashMouth Brothers 127
  • 6th Big Al Rap 124
  • 7th Missy’s Puckheads 119
  • 8th wewanthecup 116
  • 9th BiscuitIntheBasketPl 113
  • Tied for 10th
    biscuit 111
    Angry Samoans 111

Tomorrow night is Game 6 in the NY Rangers v NJ Devils series. Game 7 is scheduled for this Sunday. Game time is 8 pm ET for both.