The Magic Hippos fell again, landing in 6th position this week, but The Mighty Pux continue to reign in the top spot, even though the point spread is narrowing.

Mighty Rabid Badgers and Minus 1 hold their own, while Trudy and Team USI did some climbing this week!

Always Bet On Wings is a no show in the Top 10 and Not Again makes an appearance.

AZ Islanders, GoBosChamps and Samsonite remain steady as we move into the final days of the Regular Season.

Will there be an upset? There are 90 points separating #1 from #10, but in the middle of the pack, there are only a few points between one place and another!

  1. The Mighty Pux 1185
  2. Mighty Rabid Badgers 1152
  3. Trudy 1139
  4. Minus 1 1137
  5. TeamUSI 1132
  6. Magic Hippos 1130
  7. AZ Islanders 1121
  8. GoBosChamps 1113
  9. Samsonite… I was W… 1096
  10. Not Again 1095

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