We are proud to announce that CenterCaps.net has chosen the Snow Consulting team for their affiliate program management needs. This program has the rare want and need aspect to its business model. Just imagine driving around with 3 hub caps. You need that 4th one to make the car look good again. Same goes if you lose a cap. It is no wonder that the program is converting over 10% of its traffic. We should see this program in the ShareaSale top 100 shortly.

Program Benefits:
12% Commission on all sales
90 cookie duration
Product Datafeed (Pop Shops and DatafeedFile coming soon)
Widgets Coming Soon

Customer Benefits
Free Shipping on all orders in the US – No Restrictions
Only $9.99 shipping to Canada
Over 1,000,000 products to choose from (They have your car make and model covered)

Join the Center Caps affiliate program Today!

Please let us know if you have any questionss prior to joining or after you join. we look forward to working with you on this program. we should all see great success.

Talk to you soon