4th Annual Snow Hockey Pool

Top 4 spots remain the same!

The top 4* remain the same and we have an almost 20 point difference between 1st and 4th, so we should just be mindful that none of those 4 are eligible for prizes and see who’s angling to win where it counts!

Team geemen* dropped from T3 to 4th, and Sequin Scores raced up from T9 to land in 5th. Team Bourque Fried Rice moved from 5th to 6th to make room and Disciples of Domi dropped from T6 to 8 so Sequin could squeeze in!

Roger* (AZ Islanders) is beginning to redeem himself as he moves up to 7th! That’s about 6 places from last week and his first showing in the Top 10!

Two teams: team sheldon and The Usual Suspects fill out the 10 places, team sheldon dropping from T6 to 9th and Suspects listed at 10th (T9 last week)

Top 10 Standings as of 8:39 AM CT today:

  • 1 AZ Canucks 557
  • 2 Vancouver Knuckleheads* 556
  • 3 Hockey Rocks* 544
  • 4 geemen* 539
  • 5 SeguinScores 538
  • 6 Bourque Fried Rice 537
  • 7 AZ Islanders* 535
  • 8 Disciples of Domi 534
  • 9 team sheldon 529
  • 10 The Usual Suspects 528

* Snow team or Snow family member

As always, we want to thank our merchant sponsors who donate prizes.