So you’ve decided to get started with an Affiliate Program through ShareaSale, but don’t know what to do or how to set it up.

Let us get you started!

Setup a ShareaSale account

Choose a master login and amount of users needed (permissions for each).


Discuss default commission to pay affiliate partners.

Tracking Code

Implement Standard tracking code, only if cart doesn’t permit Advanced code.


Work with your ideas to Design and Upload Banners (initial set of 10).

Internal Marketing

Design Internal creatives to attract affiliates in Network Directory and Search.

Text Links

Create 10 text links (general, category and sub-category).

Deals Database

Upload up to three promotional offers to the ShareaSale deals database.

Newsletter Design

Design HTML and Text templates for Bio, Welcome letter and Newsletter.

Product Datafeed

Create and upload initial Product Datafeed.

Recruitment Emails

One base general template, create additional templates to target specific publisher groups. Offer incentive to entice potential publishers.

Follow up emails used in the ShareaSale recruiting tool.


Creation and upload of Tags to make your approval and segmenting affiliate publishers a breeze
(each tag has a full explanation ).


Fund and Activate the Account.

Ready to Get Started?