Snow Playoffs Pool 2013

Round Two in progress; still time for some surprises!

Roger asked the other day if hockey was still going on, which tells the tale of how his teams are doing in the Playoffs! In fact, only Randy* remains in the Top 10 for our Snow Hockey Playoffs Pool. Since last week, the teams in 1st and 2nd have swapped places; same with 3rd and 4th.

The big change is that 2 teams have moved rapidly up the ranks to land in the Top 10 for the first time! Team Slashers has moved into 5th place out of nowhere and Team LA is tied for 9th this week.

Here’s the playoffs schedule for the rest of the week and below the standings are instructions for logging into the pool at anytime to see how you’re doing!

  • 1 Carter 128
  • 2 snowstorm 127
  • 3 TeamUSI 124
  • 4 Les Nordiques 117
  • 5 Slashers 116
  • 6 Rusty2s 113
  • 7 Red Wings Forever 112
  • 8 SeguinScores 111
  • T9 Rangers Suck* 110
  • T9 LA 110

*Snow team member

Here’s how you can check the standings yourself – anytime!

1.Go to
2.Select 2013 Playoffs in first drop down menu
3.Pool Name is SnowPlayoffs2013
4.Password is playoffs

Good luck!