We have a shake-up in the Snow Consulting Hockey Pool Standings!

We predicted in the past that Always Bet On Wings was going to be hard to beat, but here we are with a new team in 1st place and and Always Bet On Wings trailing in 3rd by 31 points! The Mighty Pux is sitting solidly at the top with a 28 point lead over Trudy in 2nd, but counting down from there it’s pretty tight. Puck Magic is in 10th place with 869. Drifter12 drifted out of the Top Ten and was last seen under ThinIce.

Here are the Top 10 as of this morning:

  • The Mighty Pux 936
  • Trudy 908
  • Always Bet On Wings 905
  • GoBosChamps 892
  • TeamUSI 890
  • Minus 1 889
  • Magic Hippos 888
  • Phyting Physicist 884
  • Mighty Rabid Badgers 882
  • Puck Magic 869