Providing The Right Tools For Affiliate Productivity

Providing The Right Tools For Affiliates

One important part of managing affiliate programs is providing the right tools to make affiliates more efficient and more productive with less stress. At the end of this post are a few questions to help us understand your process.

New tools pop up constantly and some affiliates (and merchants) are early adapters. We can look to them for reviews and advice, but we also need to remember this: By the time we implement a new process and tweak the bells and whistles to automate our workflow, the early birds will have already moved on to the next new thing.

Some basic business building actions stick around because they work. Example? Data feeds! Many of the new ideas we see are built on the idea of making data feeds useful for everyone, not just the experts.

Office productivity tools have been around as long as we’ve had computers, but the innovations in file formats, macro building, presentation sharing and even just editing can make your head spin! Managers can go a long way towards increased productivity by sharing techniques and answering questions.

It’s important that affiliates spend their time building traffic and creating quality content, not struggling with daily upkeep.

Merchants and Account Managers can go over the list of possible tools and talk about changes to policies or products that might change the way affiliate information is distributed.

Is it time to add a Daily Deal calendar? Should we be working more closely with a service like PopShops, GoldenCan or Datafeedr?
Do we need tutorials or webinars to make something more useful?

We have a few productivity questions today pertaining to the image URL in a data feed:

Do you use the images provided in a data feed?
Which size is the most useful to you? Least useful?
Do you use images in Daily Deal feeds?

Thanks for your feedback!