Who gained the most momentum in December?

We have 3 prizes to distribute for December to our Hockey pool players. Roger has been keeping a close eye on everyone’s progress to the Grand Prize and this month’s prizes go to 3 players with the largest increase from Nov to Dec. There’s still plenty of hockey left in the season; Good luck to your team!

The 3 December prizes go to:

  1. Les Nordiques – Andre Colantuono
  2. Benn There, Doan That – Brad Crooks
  3. Seguin Scores – Stephen Austin

This month’s prizes are sponsored by these generous merchant clients:

ZooShoo.com ZooShoo.com: $50 store credit from ZooShoo.com, just in time for Winter clearance and Spring Arrivals!
Ties.com and Scarves.com Ties.com: $50 store credit for Ties.com or Scarves.com – 2 stores, 1 shopping cart!
CesarsWay.com CesarsWay.com: $50 store credit for CesarsWay.com; check out their new products!


The Grand Prize at season’s end will be provided by:

onlinesports OnlineSports.com: $200 store credit
snow consulting Snow Consulting: $50 Visa Gift Card