Update: We have our Week 4 winner!

Team Blind Zebras won the week and a $25 store credit from PetBest.com! We thought the team name was especially appropriate for the week with all the excitement over replacement refs and a deal to bring back the regulars finalized just before this week’s games!

Thank you, Joe W. for your participation. We’ll be in touch with details about your prize!

Deal for Refs could be in place by Sunday’s games! Make your picks accordingly!

Our sponsor for week 4 – PetBest.com – is offering a $25 store credit to this week’s winner in the Football pool. The first game for the week is tomorrow night (Thursday) and even though it seems a Referee deal is close to the goal line, it won’t be done in time for tomorrow night’s game.

Make your picks by whatever secret formula you use, but do it before tomorrow’s game. If you’re not in the pool yet, you can join for the fun and excitement and since each week’s prize is based on that week’s points, you could still be a regular winner!