Snow Consulting Pro Football Pick'em

Make your picks!

Pro Football has officially started now – the Cowboys grabbed the first victory during last night’s game!

But it’s not too late to sign up for the Snow pool and catch up on points! Only 5 of our teams picked the Cowboys to win last night and at least 2 3 of those were Snow Team members who can play but not win.

And what could you win? This first week is sponsored by Coffee Wholesale ( with a $25 store credit you can use to indulge in any of their products. I would choose All Day Gourmet coffee or tea, but don’t forget that they are one of the few retailers still carrying Paradise teas online!

Look for sign-up details below – you need the link, the group # and the password. Make your picks before the weekend games and you still have a chance!

Here’s how it works:

  • Simply click on the link below and log in to join our private group
  • Create a Team Name and Save the information
  • Each week select the winners for each game
  • The person* with the most wins each week gets the prize!
  • We have an ever-growing list of merchant prizes! Watch for an update in the next few days!

    JOIN NOW!!

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    Here’s the login information you need for “private group”:

    Group ID# 45966
    Password SC1234