New Client Announcement: FSJ Shoes in ShareASale


I just love shoes and shoe shopping, especially all the really cool heels and high fashion shoes. Which is why I am so excited to tell you about our new client FSJ Shoes. FSJ  has been in the shoe industry since 1998, crafting quality women’s shoes. They even offer customization services: you can change the heel size or the materials used to have a “one of a kind” shoe. This is perfect for weddings when the bridal party has to match!

FSJ offers quality women’s shoes at reasonable prices so you can earn a healthy commission on all sales. Sites that will be a great fit with FSJ Shoes are : Fashion, Wedding, and special event.

Grab more information here regarding the FSJ Shoesaffiliate program.

    • If you have already joined the ShareASale network, simply log in and add FSJ Shoes to your existing account.
    • If you are not in the ShareaSale network, you can sign up through the FSJ Shoes application.

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