New Teams Win The Week!

Week 7 of our Football Pool has some surprises! We have some new names in our winners circle, including [insert drum roll] me! I might be compelled to reveal my winning pick strategy on Facebook later today; you’ll want to watch for that.

Here’s how the Top 3 look for the week:

  1. Team Field of Generals
  2. Team 4th and goal for the win!*
  3. Team Girlz Rule Boys Drool

*Snow team member, not eligible for prizes

If you’re wondering about the overall season standings so far – for the Grand Prize – Wine of the Month Club Membership:
Rank, Team Name, Current points total, Win-Loss Record:

  1. Brady For President 57 57-48
  2. Nordiques 57 57-48
  3. Girlz Rule Boys Drool 56 56-49
  4. Johnny Heisman 55 55-50
  5. Steve 54 54-51
  6. GoStillers! 54 54-51
  7. Mr.Vegas 54 54-51
  8. GoPatriots 53 53-52
  9. Lisaluvs10s 53 53-52
  10. Steelman 53 53-52

This week’s prizes are being distributed via email. Don’t forget to make your picks for week 8 – Next week’s prizes sponsored by:

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We appreciate our generous merchants who are supplying the weekly prizes and especially our primary sponsor for the Grand Prize at the end! Grand Prize at the end of the season: 6 month membership in the Vintner’s Series wine club!