Hey Everyone,

We are very excited to announce the recent addition of Greg Hoffman to the Snow Consulting managment team!

Greg brings years of experience in the online marketing space to the Snow Consulting team. Last year, Hoffman joined Think Partnership as Director of Affiliate Networks (Kowabunga and Primary Ads) to expand the team of affiliate managers and work directly with super affiliates to increase revenue. Greg worked directly with such affiliates programs as Microsoft Windows Live oneCare, Thompson Cigar and Linensource.

He is also an avid Social Media Blogger and Active Affiliate Marketer. Greg is most known for his popular blog Marketing Gorilla. You can visit it at http://www.internetmarketinggorilla.com/. The blog attracts affiliates and affiliate marketing professionals from around the world.

If you wish to shoot Greg a welcome email, his email address is greg@snow-consulting.com.

Talk to you soon!