Hockey Pool Standings: The Mighty Pux Hold On To 1st Place

Here are the Top 10 as of this morning. The Mighty Pux remain in the top spot and the Magic Hippos have moved from 5th place into 2nd place! 81 points separate Number 1 from Number 10 and 41 of those points are between 1st and 2nd place!

Not Again is appearing in the Top Ten at 9th place. Trudy and Always Bet On Wings fell from 2nd and 3rd to 4th and 7th.

  • The Mighty Pux 1083
  • Magic Hippos 1042
  • Mighty Rabid Badgers 1032
  • Trudy 1030
  • Minus 1 1026
  • GoBosChamps 1023
  • Always Bet On Wings 1015
  • TeamUSI 1014
  • Not Again 1003
  • Phyting Physicist 1002

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