Adhesive Wall Maps (WallZilla) Sold Exclusively at!

Attached without screws, nails, tacks, tape or glue. Removed, repositioned, reapplied to almost any surface

The perfect option for classroom maps, your home or office, choose from the World, USA, Continents, US States and Cities. Wallzilla is a self-adhesive format which can be repeatedly removed and reapplied without losing its sticky properties. Adheres to almost any surface. NO screws, rails, nails, pins, hooks, strings, tape or glue are required to mount these products – the special adhesive backing does all the work. Simply peel and stick!

If you want to sell adhesive maps through the affiliate program, you can grab them from the datafeed in CJ. You can also feature Wallzilla Adhesive Maps through one of our partner sites that allows you to market product with relative ease:

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