Fuchsia Shoes

Every pair is handcrafted by a passionate artisan.

What if your favorite flats were also the most comfortable? What if they were your favorites because they were beautifully made? But wait, there’s more! What if each pair of these beautiful, comfortable shoes were hand-made by a craftsman, who was paid fairly for the work?

Yes, all this and more with Fuchsia Shoes, the handcrafted artisan shoe with a story.

From the site https://fuchsiashoes.com/pages/our-story

“Fuchsia shoes are made in Sangla Hill, a remote town in Pakistan with a history stretching back to the time of Alexander the Great. Here, each pair of flats is handcrafted in a traditional workshop by a group of artisans who are passionate about using their skills to support their families and community. By making shoes for Fuchsia, they not only get to do what they love, they also receive a respectable living income which provides them and their loved ones with food, shelter, education, and health care.”

Find your next pair of favorite flats at Fuchsia Inc.

Find your next pair of favorite flats at FuchsiaShoes.com

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