There Are Prizes! Snow-Consulting Annual Hockey Playoffs Pool!

Go Ahead and sign up now – make your picks. Changes can be made until Game Time April 16th!

It’s so easy to sign up – go to the Invitation link below, have a fun team name in mind, and fill in the info so we can find you if you win. Then pick one player in each box!


There are 23 of these boxes - make 1 pick in each! That's it!

There are 23 of these boxes – make 1 pick in each! That’s it!

It’s a simple box style where you pick one in each box. Easy! We all have our favorite methods for picking. Somebody we know just picks the most French-sounding name. Yes. That’s how they pick.

As usual, our generous merchant sponsors are stepping up with some great prizes. We have a stack of $50 shopping codes already and will get all the details put together before the first game.

TODAY you just need to follow the INVITATION LINK* and get signed up. We’ll remind you to make last minute team changes before the first game. Good luck!

*No password needed to sign up – we’ll get you the password and ID you need to keep up with your standings when playoffs begin!