What makes a good bonus campaign?

Identifying Good Bonus Campaigns

Joe Sousa, one of the Snow Team Affiliate Managers, described the relationship between affiliates, merchants and bonus campaigns designed to reward and motivate.

He identifies the 4 primary characteristics of a good Affiliate Bonus Campaign and lists some of the September campaigns going on with Snow Merchants. This is all available on his blog What Does Joe Think?

Here’s a brief excerpt – read the post here: What makes a good affiliate bonus campaign?

If one side wins and the other loses this isn’t a partnership but a parasitic relationship. Either the affiliates are taking too much from the merchant or the merchant isn’t giving enough to the affiliates. […] need to come out ahead […]

[…]even more true when it comes to bonus campaigns. Whether it is a campaign designed at recruiting new affiliates, helping existing affiliates increase their sales, or just rewarding affiliates for their hard work these campaigns need to strike the balance of being attractive to affiliates but also provide long term growth to the affiliate program and ultimately profit for the merchant.