We’re pleased to introduce you to Sebastien Grey.

Sebastien Grey has been creating top-quality men’s apparel and accessories since 2010. Their love and passion for craftsmanship¬†and detail produces garments with perfect details, like their hand-sewn buttonholes for the lapels. And now, you can share their luxury accessories with your discerning visitors!

The Sebastien Grey affiliate program offers their top-notch accessories like cuff links, slim wallets, umbrellas, collar stays, tuxedo studs, trousers braces, pocket rounds, ties, and even wooden hangers! You’ll have to visit their shop in New York City for a custom suit or formal wear, but you can buy the accessories online!

The affiliate program is new and can be found in PepperJam network. All the details are here and you can join immediately from the link. Randy is managing the program.