We’ve been remiss in posting hockey pool standings! There are some dramatic changes and some no-drama-consistent players here, so let’s get to it: Always Bet On Wings is a consistent winner, but The Mighty Pux is quickly closing the gap. Pux was in 6th place the last time we posted the list, but now only 3 points separate the top 2 spots!

Trudy and GoBosChamps like to hang around in 3rd and 4th, but Phyting Physicist has advanced from 10th to 5th!

Minus 1 and drifter are in the Top 10 for the first time in our postings! Mighty Rabid Badgers and Team USI have both fallen from near the top, but remain in the Top 10. Magic Hippos like their spot and continue to hang around in or near 8th place.

Here are the Top 10 – we have a 62 point spread between #1 and #10:

  • Always Bet On Wings 783
  • The Mighty Pux 780
  • Trudy 764
  • GoBosChamps 756
  • Phyting Physicist 751
  • Minus 1 750
  • Mighty Rabid Badgers 748
  • Magic Hippos 734
  • TeamUSI 727
  • drifter12 721