We have lots of ties in the Top Ten teams for our Snow Consulting Hockey Pool. Two teams tied for 1st, three teams tied for 4th, three more in 7th and a pair of teams are T10. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top at month’s end for the prizes!

If your team is somehow missing on this Top 10 list – you can check your standings at OfficePools.com – The login is: SnowHockey2014 and then you’ll need: lovehockey

  • T1 More Kids Than Goalies 112
  • T1 LuWannaGo but didn’t go 112
  • 3 Phillyboys 111
  • T4 Bingo Bango 109
  • T4 City of Champions 109
  • T4 Islanders FTW! 109
  • T7 Benn There… Doan That 108
  • T7 Sharp-Nado 108
  • T7 The Californians 108
  • T10 SeguinScores 107
  • T10 23 Kings 1 Cup 107

We’ll be awarding at least one $50 merchant prize at the end of the month – we have some great sponsored prizes this year:

  • Monthly prizes from our generous merchant clients – we’ll award one or two at the end of each month:
  • AmazingSocks – $50 store credit prizes
  • Cesar Millan (Dog Whisperer, Leader of the Pack) – $50 store credit prizes
  • HyperWear – $50 store credit prizes
  • SleepyHeads, BathRobeShoppe and eBubbles – $50 store credit prizes
  • Grand Prizes
  • 1st Place: Online Sports – $200 store credit
  • 2nd place: $50 visa card from Snow Consulting

Good luck!