We are awarding prizes!

We have awarded monthly prizes in the Snow Hockey Pool! At the end of October, the top 5 teams looked like this:

  • Team: Snowmen*
  • Team: LuWannaGo
  • Team: SnowyNucks*
  • Team: Slot Shots
  • Team: More Kids Than Suitcases

*Snow family member, not eligible for prizes.

October prizes were provided by the following generous merchants and have been awarded via email:

cesarsway CesarsWay.com: $50 store credit
sleepyheads SleepyHeads.com: $50 store credit
amazingsocks AmazingSocks.com: $50 store credit


The Grand Prize at season’s end will be provided by:

onlinesports OnlineSports.com: $200 store credit
snow consulting Snow Consulting: $50 Visa Gift Card


We’ll have more prizes at the end of November! Keep cheering for your favorite team and good luck!