4th Annual Snow Hockey Pool

Randy dropped to tie for 3rd!

If you haven’t been watching closely, you might have missed that most of the Top 5 standings are Snow team or Snow family members. Affiliate Manager Randy has been leading for several weeks, with Roger’s wife, son and father close on his heels. But there’s been a bit of a shakeup (Son, Wife, Dad, then Randy), and you have to go clear to Team 5 (Bourque Fried Rice) and Team 6 (Disciples of Domi) to find a player eligible for a sponsored prize!

  • 1st AZ Canucks
  • 2nd Vancouver Knuckleheads
  • T3 geemen
  • T3 Hockey Rocks
  • 5th Bourque Fried Rice
  • T6 Disciples of Domi
  • T6 team sheldon
  • 8th Canadian Bacon
  • T9 The Usual Suspects
  • T9 Sequin Scores
  • T9 Sawbusters
  • We want to thank our merchant sponsors who donate prizes. They always come through!