Snow Hockey Pool Standings

Always Bet On The Wings is still holding on to 1st place in our standings, with a commanding 385 points! That’s 10 points over 2nd place Trudy, who moved up one spot in the top five. Three new teams move up to the top five: Gulf Boyle Spill, Mighty Rabid Badgers and Team USI.

Everyone else in our last post about the top five rankings has fallen out of the spotlight. Edmonton Seals fell to number 8, Express moved from 4th to 6th and Magic Hippos sits in 7th place now, down from 5th.

Here’s the top 5:

  1. Always Bet On Wings 385
  2. Trudy 375
  3. Gulf Boyle Spill 374
  4. Mighty Rabid Badgers 373
  5. Team USI 370