We are very excited to let you know we recently launched another incredible affiliate program in Commission Junction, GetYourMobo.com. What is a Mobo you ask? A Mobo is a revolutionary keyboard system that transforms your chair into a mobile command center. This keyboard system mounts to thousands of chairs, promotes a natural body posture and is perfect for anyone that uses a computer. Check out some of the awesome reviews they have already received from highly satisfied customers at http://www.getyourmobo.com/product-reviews/. Truly a unique product that is poised to make a big splash in the ergonomic work space vertical.


In today’s workplace, the average person spends the majority of their day banging away at a keyboard, increasing stress and strain placed on the muscles, tendons, joints of the neck, back, shoulders and arms. Over time this stress and strain can lead to a host of severe Repetitive Strain Injuries (SRIs) such as Carpul Tunnel Syndrome. With the Mobo Ergonomic Work Station you can:

· Remain comfortable and productive
· Maintain a neutral body position while seated working at a computer.
· Reduce the static load on your upper body making work. . .well, not as much work.
· Boost your productivity.
· Maximize your comfort and protect your health.


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Randy Norton
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