I know we shouldn’t be surprised, but we really didn’t think it would go over this well.

Apparently there are a lot of affiliate web sites, merchants, etc. that know they are leaving money on the table by not knowing what their visitors are doing while on their web site. Learning the behavior of your visitors will help you tailor your site to their needs and wants. They have decided that THE TIME IS NOW to take action against lost revenue by signing up for the ClickTale.com webinar on May 18th.

With such demand, we wanted to make sure everyone else got in on the action by setting up another webinar the following day, the 19th.

Here are the details:

So what’s stopping you from taking back control of your website and generating the money you deserve? Get a free month of a premium account just for joining us AND take a stand against lost revenue today. Sign up soon though before the 250 seats are taken for this one too.

Randy Norton
affiliates @ clicktale.com