Deep linking to a specific product page increases conversions and produces bigger sales! Commission Junction CJ Affiliate now has a bookmarklet you can add to your toolbar and make direct, deep links as you browse your merchant’s site. Not all merchants have implemented the system yet, so keep these direct link instructions marked, too! At the time of this edit, CJ was also adding a widget you can use in the interface to build pages of products that you mix and match to go with your content.

Get your CJ bookmarklet by clicking here.

Here’s how you create a deep link at CJ Affiliate

The merchant has to have at least one text link enabled for direct linking. We give you the exact link number in the Merchant Information Center under deep linking. Here’s how you tell if you have the right link:

How to tell if a CJ link is enabled for deep linking to a different URL

Look at the highlighted line above. If it says Advertiser allows URL redirects for this link – it’s enabled!

Select Get HTML code. In the next screen, you’ll see where to put the URL for the new destination landing page.

Where to enter the new destination URL

That’s it! Everything else about getting a link is the same as usual. If there is no destination URL box for the link, then the link has NOT been enabled for deep linking.