I can’t believe the start we’ve seen for the ClickTale.com affiliate program. Right now we have a 30 day EPC of $216.74 and a 7 day EPC of $482. Pretty incredible numbers aren’t they? I should say that I’m not totally surprised though given the overwhelming positive emails I’ve seen from affiliates.

So how are we seeing such great results from a program that is a little over two weeks old? Word of mouth. Affiliates are so impressed by the service they are telling their friends, co-workers, etc. Viral marketing is a great tool to say the least. And see what the media has been saying about ClickTale.

Here’s what going on for March for the ClickTale.com affiliate program:


Receive 20% off all 6 month memberships of any subscription level. No code needed. Expires 03/31/09
Receive 40% off all 12 month memberships of any subscription level. No code needed. Expires 03/31/09

The deals are included at the bottom of this message for your convenience.

I have a killer keyword list to help you get started. Just connect with me and I will send over.

If you are interested in keeping your pages fresh and the search engine spiders happy, connect with me today and I will send you over some information that you are going to love.


# Earn up to 50% commission with our performance tier
# 60 Day Tracking Cookie
# Auto-Deposit Feature
# Parasite Free
# Open PPC policy- *killer keyword list available
# Dedicated Program Management by Snow Consulting

If at anytime, you have any ideas, comments or feedback, please feel free to contact us anytime.

We look forward to partnering with you and sending high commission checks!

Randy Norton

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