Today we are introducing Hemp Daddy’s Therapeutics, an affiliate program in ShareASale. They understand that marketing is never a “one-size-fits-all”, so they are open to making sure affiliates have what they need to succeed.
Meet Caleb, founder of He’s an outdoor enthusiast, runner, and ultra-marathoner. His struggle with injuries and the resulting sleepless nights led him to try CBD.
As a result, he set out to share the benefits so everyone could experience more trails in the fabulous outdoors.
Hemp Daddy’s Therapeutics is located in Texas, and they partnered with a family owned farm in Longmont, Colorado. Their goal was to obtain their inventory from a single source for quality and consistency.
All products are third party lab tested and full-spectrum. If you’re new to CBD, Caleb is happy to have you reach out and ask questions.¬†Products include tincture oils, pain cream, softgels, and more.

See the details and join the Hemp Daddy’s Therapeutics Affiliate program in ShareASale¬† today.